Cable stitch needle

The addi Cable Stitch Needle

A cable needle is short and has two points. It has a V-shaped bend in the middle. It is used for knitting cable stitches.

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Why are there different types of knitting needles?

Knitting projects can look completely different but are all created with the same tool, the knitting needle. It’s a matter of personal taste which knitting needle shape you prefer, but it’s important to know that not every needle is suitable for every knitting project.

addiClassic Cable Stitch Needles
These cable stitch needles are a crucial part of any well-stocked knitting bag. The stitch holder makes knitting braids …
addiChampagner Cable Stitch Needles
The Champagner cable stitch needles provide your knitting set with more glamour. Suitable for thicker braids.