Trust your eye.

Colours are a part of us, and have a role in our individual wellbeing. For example, choosing the right colours creates a positive atmosphere – most importantly in the home.

A living environment that offers harmony and balance is essential in our hectic daily lives, and with some great ideas, we can easily tailor our surroundings to our personality. It is worth noting that the “right” colour may not always be our favourite colour, as favourite colours can change with our mood.

Table of contents

Monochromatic colour/intensity contrast.

Do you want a tone-on-tone look for your knitting? Give your piece more depth with a monochromatic colour combination.

pattern books

The home-made feel-good factor.

Some of the pictures you have just seen come from our pattern books for the addiExpress knitting machine, “Winding Nautical Stitches” and “Winding instead of Knitting”. The patterns are a simple and easy way to produce garments and accessories for the home in great colours.