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More and more people are moving to cities or large conurbations. What remains is a yearning for nature, for the supposedly simple life in the country. Of course, we can’t just move house to satisfy that yearning, but there are a lot of ways we can bring more colour and a taste of the country into our homes and our cities. Many of you will be familiar with urbans trends such as yarn bombing or guerrilla knitting. We talk to some of the pioneers of this scene and show you just how much you can achieve with very basic resources…

You can also bring the countryside into your home quickly and easily with our addiExpress Kingsize and addiExpress Professional knitting machines.

Table of contents
Crochet jacket “Heart Alarm”

The cute crochet jacket made of merino wool is a real highlight. In this tutorial in cooperation with Elisa we show you how to crochet it.

Everything new? Not everything, but a lot!

A whole new web presence – a journey into a new addi world.

Crochet a fashionable headband with addi Crochet hooks.

The nice thing about crocheting is that you don’t need much to start with this hobby. Learning to crochet with the addi crochet hooks as well as a ball of wool is very easy